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Cable Sorter for Cables lead wires and sensors management

Cable Sorter

Hospital cable management solution.
Perfectly help the hospital solve the problem of over many and messy sires.

The “Cable Sorter” is researched by Keborui independently with the letters patent, which can effectively help the ICU, anesthesia, and other rooms to solve the problem of over many wires. The “Cable Sorter” consists of the pedestal, manipulator, and the cable machine, it has the features of flexible operation, all directions support and free extension so on which help the hospital effectively solve the problems of over many and messy wires and vacate a space for the surgery. The “Cable Sorter” is much favored by doctors.

We supply complete cable management systems to keep your cables organized and secure.

Product features :

  1. Convenient, quickly, and easily for hanging and taking cable wire.
  2. Cables, lead wires, hoses, and sensors can all be neatly and quickly stored on the hanger.
  3. Multi-angle steering, up and down freely left and right, automatic hovering contraction.
  4. Simple, quick, and convenient installation.
  5. Compatible with all machines installation.

Intraoperative: Expansion State

Intraoperative: Expansion State

Postsurgical: Folding State