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Why choose KeBoRui

High Quality Product
Maximum Reliability

We are a leading provider of comprehensive medical cable products.
We know medical cables inside and out.

We serve more than 1200 customers across the world every year. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we’ve become a trusted partner for medical equipment manufacturers, medical distributors, hospitals and doctors.

Full Certified Manufacturer

This is why we can guarantee the reliable operation, efficiency, and long service life of medical products:

TUV Certified ISO13485 and ISO9001
Medical Device Registration Certificate of PRC FDA Registered
CE Marking under Medical Device Directive

Superior Quality

Quality is a top priority at KeBoRui.
We use state-of-art measurement facilities and software to build the finest quality system. Under the advanced and complete quality control system, with the scientific methods of quality control, all components going into the production of the connectors and cables undergo extreme entry controls dealing with the mechanical, dimensional, and aesthetic features. We have a broad range of test capabilities and methods to assure product compliance. We have never received complaints from on-site hospital doctors.

KeBoRui provides dedicated customer service through a cross-functional team comprised of engineering, manufacturing, materials, and program management. A customer account
manager leads this team and serves as the single point of contact.
We ensure:

  • All quotation requests are fulfilled within 24 hours or if complex the customer is immediately advised when the quotation will be sent.
  • We are flexible at all times to meet and exceed customers’ needs.

Excellent Service

If you need a cable for medical operation, long wait time is generally not an option. That’s why KeBoRui is committed to delivering the part you need, where and when you need it. Given the extended delivery time often imposed by other manufacturers, this KeBoRui AdVantage becomes very clear. And, our commitment to quick delivery is further reflected in our investment in inventory, with over 2,000 different locally sourced cable, injection molded components and spare parts on hand at all time.

Delivery time Same-day delivery:1-10pcs.
Next day delivery:11-30pcs.
3-day delivery: 31-50pcs.
Over 5 days delivery: more than 51pcs.
Daily output 500pcs

Steve Jobs once said the iPhone jobs won’t be coming back to America not because of cheap labour, but because Asian factories produce fast, really FAST, and at a much LARGER scale and FLEXIBILITY.

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Founded in 2004, Shenzhen KeBoRui Electronics Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high reliability medical cables. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to closely monitor every stage of the production process, and ensure excellence in medical cable manufacturing. With everything under control and traceable, we will surpass your expectations in service and quality.



Our engineering team will produce world-class medical products to meet your OME/ODM needs.

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Please send us inquiry,we will be in touch within 24 hours.